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LPN Nurse 2nd Shift

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Job Description:

This position requires maintenance of professional standards of nursing including physical examinations, administration of medication, designated treatment for individual clients, and maintenance of medical records for Level 2 clients.

This position requires the establishment and maintenance of close working relationships with pediatricians, psychiatrists, hospital personnel, and other health care providers. The position encompasses the direction of medical care for clients as directed including required laboratory work, tests required and nursing services, all within the scope permitted by LPN licensing.

The work of this position requires this staff member to work closely with and as part of treatment teams. This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management.

Within the scope permitted by LPN licensing:

1.Provide medical care by assessing the mental and physical health needs for appointments or emergency care. Make necessary appointments, ensure flow of information between caregiver and patient, and ensure adherence to medical instructions.

2.Provide education in general health care, the human body, sex education, family planning, psychotropic medications, substance abuse, and related as needed or assigned.

3.Procure medications, supervise, and document administration to clients as prescribed or approved by physician, ensuring that administration falls within requirements of DCS policy. This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management.

4.Provide adequate communication and interaction with all staff and other professionals involved with client services to ensure high quality of medical and psychiatric care. Document services to clients, ensure that it is provided to appropriate individuals within DCS, and provide statistics as requested.

5.Create and maintain an intake process for each client to monitor and maintain the health of clients and accurately document the care provided in each client’s chart.

6.While at the agency, take charge of medical emergencies or injuries that arise. When away from the agency, be on call 24/7 for emergencies that might arise.

7.Coordinate client’s referrals to and from other providers, ensuring that all medical needs are met within the requirements of DCS policy including EPSDT, Dental Exams, and follow ups.

8.Produce monthly service statistics and adolescents’ medical updates for Utilization Review meetings.

9.Ensure that all updated, required documentation is maintained in personnel file in HR and that all Agency training requirements are met on a timely basis.

10.Perform other related duties as required.

Job Qualifications:
•Graduation from appropriate program of accredited licensed practical nursing.
•Previous experience with adolescents in a residential setting preferred.

Physical Requirements:
•Ability to physically participate in HWC restraint training as required
•Must be able to perform First Aid/CPR processes
•Ability to communicate clearly in English both written and verbal
•Good visual and audio capabilities
•Sit or stand for extended periods
•Walk, run, bend, stoop, and/or squat, reach, climb steps or stairs as needed
•PC/Keyboarding abilities
•Lift up to 40 pounds
•Work extended hours as needed (>40 per week)

Contact Information:

Caterina Smith
E-mail Your Resume
Phone: 865.602.2951
Job Link: Find more information HERE

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