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Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

Gourmet cookies, baked with moonshine, corporate gifts delivered & shipped, retail store for pick up

Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company
7343 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
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Our Story

Originally created in 1988 in Knoxville, TN our base recipe was formulated for our pizza delivery store as a Halloween promotion. The response was overwhelmingly positive as customers immediately started calling the store requesting more of our delicious cookies. From that point the cookies found their way into many private parties, gift boxes, bible study groups, and catered celebrations from Knoxville to Nashville. Finally, after many years and much urging from friends & family, Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company was formed. Our distinctly delicious gourmet cookies are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients to insure your complete satisfaction. Some of our special recipes even include a splash of original Tennessee moonshine, giving our cookies that special taste that you can’t find anywhere else. The process of making our cookies in a micro-bakery environment is hard work, but we do not do things the easy way, because we think you, our customers, are well worth the effort. We look forward to providing you with superior quality, unique flavor combinations, and a heart warming experience each time you take a bite of one of our gourmet cookie creations.

What makes our cookies so special?

Everyone loves cookies, but our cookies are truly unique and special! We are a handcrafted, small batch, artisan, micro-bakery, which translates into the best tasting, highest quality, unforgettable cookies you have ever tasted! Using real butter is one key, another is how we blend the other ingredients like chocolate, oats and real fruit into our cookies. 

And finally, yes, we even blend in some real Tennessee moonshine!  After all, it is our E.TN heritage. We only use flavored moonshine that comes from a legal still, so it is smooth and safe.  The alcohol bakes out of the cookies in our ovens, but the flavors remain, making each cookie a tasty delight for everyone, including the kids. If you are looking to send a taste of Tennessee as a gift to someone, or to a business client that you want to impress, or simply getting something truly delicious for yourself, you owe it to yourself to try Moonshine Mountain Cookies.

People remember who sent them Moonshine Mountain Cookies!  We offer local pickup, delivery or we will ship across the United States.

Local Roots

All 3 of our owners are native Tennesseans, all 3 are University of TN graduates, and all 3 are proud for Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company to call Knoxville home.  We love our mountain heritage, we love the people of TN, we love our cookies, and we are confident you will too!

Now Open!

Come see us at our new location at 7343 Kingston Pike, just east of West Town Mall, across the street from Chili’s.  Give us a call at 865-240-4972 or visit us at


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