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Little Fixes

Little Fixes is a woman-owned handyman service business.

Little Fixes
Knoxville, TN
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About Us

Little Fixes is a handyman service that handles all the little things that you don't know how to do. Nothing is too small. Our handymen are there when the big contractors decide they don't want to deal with it and when those contractors' service fees cost more than the fix itself. Why we do what we do and feel passionate about it: it is no secret that women are taken advantage of when it comes to home repairs, fixing cars and anything else in the man's world. We have all been there when that so-called professional makes us feel comfortable in our own home or overcharges us because they can. Little Fixes was started with that in mind. As a woman owned business, we wanted to offer something different...a trusted, safe, family can coming into your home. Someone that shows up when he is supposed to and doesn't leave until the repairs are done...and that my friends is priceless!!