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White Realty and Service Corporation

White Realty specializes in the development, management, and leasing of neighborhood shopping centers and office buildings

White Realty and Service Corporation
416 Bearden Road
Knoxville, TN 37919
2 Locations >
Certified Commercial Service & Equipment (CCSE)
6031 Industrial Heights
Knoxville, TN 37909
< 2 Locations
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About Us

White Realty and Service Corporation was founded in 1922 by Frank McDonald as White Stores, Inc.  White Stores began as a chain of 14 grocery stores and within a few years grew to over 70 stores.  White Stores bean developing shopping centers in the mid 1950's and continued the development of centers until the sale of the grocery operation in 1989 to Food City stores based in Virginia.  After the sale of the grocery operation, White Stores, Inc. changed their name to White Realty & Service Corporation.  White Realty is a Tennessee licensed real estate company and continues to manage, lease, and develop commercial real estate in the East Tennessee area.

In addition, White Realty owns a full service maintenance company that operates as CCSE. CCSE provides general maintenance service to all properties owned and managed by White Realty.