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University of Tennessee Reliability & Maintainability Center

The Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) is an industry-supported center within the College of Engineering.

The University of Tennessee-Reliability & Maintainability Center
506 East Stadium
Knoxville, TN 37996
Fax: 865.974.4995
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About Us

Our Mission

The Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) exists to advance reliability and maintenance education and practices within the academic and industrial communities. We create opportunities for member companies, students, faculty, and industry to achieve exceptional value through a comprehensive program of education, industry projectsresearch, and information sharing.

Our Vision

The RMC is the trusted and premier source of people, knowledge, and research. Our students, faculty, training partners and company participants are recognized for their expertise in reliability and maintenance.

Conferences, training events and education are recognized acknowledged as the highest quality source of reliability and maintenance best practices information regarding people, process and product. Included are all related physical assets (machinery, equipment and buildings), tools and technologies.

Implementation of research generates solutions that are effective at solving problems and contributing towards business excellence (top quartile performance).

Our Core Values


Providing a strategic direction and vision for the Reliability and Maintenance community and initiating the supporting activities.


Delivering consistently high quality services in all we say and do.


Creating the environment for growth and development between member companies, students, faculty, and industry with integrity and mutual respect.

Learning and Continual Improvement

Continuously developing, expanding, and sharing the body of knowledge. Using data driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Bridging the understanding of issues facing industry and academia. Making learnings and practicable applications readily available.


Finding effective solutions to difficult problems.