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Epic Nine

Epic Nine is a marketing department for businesses who need one and a supplement to the businesses that have one.

Epic Nine
419 Ellis Ave
Maryville, TN 37804
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Great Marketing Starts w/a Great Story

Leadership is communication.   Thoughtful actions are essential to good leadership, but at the heart of it all you are telling a story.  Your words and your actions combine to craft a story that either inspires, bores, or harms.   Every group of people, whether a business or organization, that wants a great story to tell must start crafting that story from within.  Great marketing is not a white washing a story… it is the accent lights on an already great work of art. 

Epic Nine loves businesses who have a great product or offer a great service, who are great to their employees, and who make the community around them better by being in business.  We want to help those businesses thrive and succeed and continue to make our communities better places to live.  

If your business isn't large enough yet to have it's own marketing department then we can be your marketing experts.  From planning to implementing we handle all the research, creative, and technical aspects of your marketing.  We focus on measurable marketing.  We want to help you determine which marketing campaigns work and which ones don't.  

If your business has marketing professionals on staff but needs a specialized service then we can be a supplement to your ongoing marketing efforts.  

Web Design in Knoxville and surrounding areas.

We have helped several businesses establish an online presence from scratch as well as improve an existing site.  Whether you need a simple site, a real estate site with integrated MLS capabilities, a reservation site, or ecommerce site, our staff can help your business grow with a dynamic web presence that connects with your audience.  View our Knoxville web design projects

Social Media Marketing 

We work closely with our clients to tell your story via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and other social media sites.  We work hard to learn what will connect with your audience and how to increase your brand awareness and expand your reach. 

Search Engine Optimization

Epic Nine has worked with businesses in several different industries to increase their organic search rankings.  Every business is different and there isn't a 'one size fits all' strategy for SEO.  We always guarantee the amount of hours we will work on your site and we love to share analytics information with our clients.  

Photography and Video Production Services

The imagery your businesses uses to tell its story is an element that is as important as any.  If the photos and/or videos for your business are dated or non-existent then we can produce high-quality photography and video to use in various marketing mediums.  View some of our video work.  

Hospitality and Tourism in the Pigeon Forge and the Smokies

We have had the great fortune of working with several businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry and understand that market very well.  If your business is a Smoky Mountains attraction, lodging, or entertainment venue then we can help you grow your business and garner more of the 11 million visitors that come through the gates of the national park every year.  We also launched a tourism website dedicated to helping facilitate tourism in the Smokies.  My Smokies Planner is a hub for travelers in the Great Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge.

Other Marketing Services:

  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Adwords and Social Media ads
  • Call tracking
  • Logo design
  • Print design
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