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Business coaching and executive development you can count on to produce results from top line to bottom line.

CPS Leadership
8405 Vinings Way
Knoxville, TN 37919
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Meet Estrada Strategies

Estrada Strategies is a unique business coaching organization founded in 2005.  Head coach and president, Kevin Kragenbrink brought the company to Knoxville because he loves East Tennessee and because of his passion to help the owners of small and medium sized companies perform at the highest levels of success.  At Estrada Strategies we believe every business has the potential to succeed and with the right tools, encouragement, motivation and accountability every business owner can be the leader who makes that potential reality.

The Estrada Strategies team has worked successfully with more than 100 clients, producing results that impact the entire business from top line to bottom line.  Our methods help the business owner address the entire business and understand how every discipline and system works with the others to create a successful, sustainable business.  Our passion is helping business owners succeed.  That’s all we do.

What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is easy to understand when you are talking about sports, but what is business coaching? Business coaching is much like coaching in sports.  In both, coaches work with individuals and teams to help them reach their full potential in every part of the game.  This is exactly how the coaches at Estrada Strategies work with our clients.  Using a combination of training, motivation, discipline, and accountabiliy the coach helps each player build in their strengths and develop their skills.  

By giving you the tools and resources you need, an Estrada Strategies business coach will help you to be successful in every part of your business. Our business training, coaching, and monitoring systems and processes go beyond problem solving to provide you with the knowledge, implementation strategies, and follow-up systems you need to reach the highest levels of success.

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